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Flight delay Ryanair
Compensation calculator: Get up to €600

It is not always that you can find something positive if your flight with Ryanair is either delayed or canceled. But as a consumer there is actually something positive in these situations. Under EU law, you are entitled to receive compensation directly from Ryanair, in certain situations due to your canceled or delayed flight.

A quick way to find out if you are entitled to compensation for your canceled or delayed flight is by using our compensation calculator. Then you can get an indication of whether you are entitled to compensation from Ryanair, in some cases up to 600 EUR for each person who was on the flight.

Spend a little time investigating your particular situation, because there can be a lot of money to be made in compensation if you have either experienced a cancellation, a flight delay or have been denied boarding on your flight with Ryanair. You can read much more about the applicable rules on this page, but you can also make a quick check by entering information about the flight situation in our compensation calculator that you will find on this page.

Flyforsinkelse med Ryanair

Delayed flight with Ryanair

If you have had a flight delay with Ryanair within the last 3 years, then you as a consumer are entitled to compensation if there are certain things that have been applicable to your delay.

If the flight delay has been longer than 3 hours, then you are well on your way to being able to receive cash compensation from Ryanair of up to 600 EUR. The length of the delay is not determined by the time your flight departed from your departure airport, but is determined by the time of arrival at your final destination, ie you must have arrived at your arrival airport later than 3 hours in relation to what is stated on your flight ticket. However, the departure time may indicate whether Ryanair is obliged to provide you with meals due to the delay.

If you are entitled to compensation due to the delay, you can receive between 250 and 600 EUR in compensation from Ryanair. Below you can read about what other things determine whether you can get this compensation.

There are rules about the reason for the flight delay, the nationality of the airline, the total distance and the country from which the aircraft departed. Our calculator keeps track of these rules, which you can also read more about here on the page.

Departure and country of arrival

A decisive factor for aircraft compensation is the country from which the aircraft departs and which country the aircraft arrives at. In virtually all cases, then either the flight with Ryanair departs or arrives at a European airport, and since Ryanair is a European airline, this means that both situations are covered under the rules of flight compensation. The rule is that an airline that is European must provide compensation for aircraft that depart and arrive in a European country.

In the rare event of a flight departing or arriving in a European country, that flight will not be subject to the rules of flight compensation.

Nationality of the airline

Ryanair is an Irish airline and is therefore subject to certain rules as it is a European airline, compared to if the airline was not European. This means that Ryanair must also provide compensation on flights that have arrived in a European country, even if it departs from a country outside Europe. Although Ryanair does not yet have any transatlantic flights, Ryanair does have some of its flight destinations outside the EU, including in northern Africa.

The reason for the flight delay

It is not all the reasons for the flight delay that Ryanair has to pay compensation for. Therefore, check the message you get from the flight crew about the flight delay, as the reason they give is useful to be able to get compensation.

In general, the rule is that Ryanair must be able to be held responsible for the flight delay. Examples of such situations they can be held responsible for are:

  • Often situations where there is a technical problem with the aircraft. Such an example could be a lack of maintenance of the aircraft from Ryanair.
  • The flight crew strikes and chooses to lay off work without notice. Such a sudden situation could, for example, be a sudden announcement of a new restructuring in Ryanair.

Ryanair will not pay compensation if the delay is due to a situation for which they cannot be held responsible. This is the case, for example, if the delay is due to severe weather, safety risk, political unrest or decisions made by air traffic control.


If your flight delay has so far been within the limits described until you, then there is a good chance that you are entitled to receive compensation from Ryanair for your flight delay. What needs to be investigated now is how much compensation you are entitled to. Your compensation can either be 250, 400, or 600 EUR. and is determined by the distance from your departure airport to your arrival airport.

If your flight with Ryanair has a stopover, then it is the distance from your first airport to the last airport you arrive at. To get the exact distance between the two airports, you can use our online compensation calculator which also indicates the amount you can get.

Distance: What compensation can I get?

  • 250 EUR - The distance is less than 1,500km.
  • 400 EUR - The distance is between 1,500 - 3,500km.
  • 600 EUR - The distance is over DKK 3,500.

The above amount is for each passenger.

Canceled flight with Ryanair

If you should have flown with Ryanair, but your flight has instead been canceled, then you may be entitled to compensation for the cancellation. The actual cancellation time is crucial for your compensation, as the cancellation must be made from Ryanair less than 14 days to the departure time of your flight.

How do I get compensation from Ryanair?

If you are entitled to compensation from Ryanair, then you must start a claim for compensation, you can either do this directly to Ryanair, or you can use a Claim Agency which on your behalf will start the claim against Ryanair (typically for a fee of about 30%).

You do not have to wait for Ryanair to contact you to make you aware that you are entitled to compensation. The airline will probably not contact you, and you must therefore be aware of whether you are entitled to compensation, and start the claim.

You can take advantage of our online calculator, which can quickly tell if you are entitled to compensation, as well as how much compensation you are entitled to. It is also the easiest thing to do, as it will show you what options you have for getting your compensation paid out, while at the same time guiding you on how to proceed. All this is done to put you in control, so you can get paid the highest possible compensation that you are entitled to.