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Since 2004, EU citizens have had the opportunity to receive compensation from airlines if flights are delayed more than 3 hours. Over the past few years there have been more and more services offering to run the cases for you. These services are basically free only until they win the case and from there take between 20-25% of your compensation.
This means that cases where you are entitled to compensation of 600 EUR per. passenger, then some of the claim agencies will take about 150 EUR.
In some situations, it only takes a few minutes of work, even winning a case where you are entitled to up to 600 EUR. Therefore, we believe that you should always start the case yourself directly with the airline and go around an intermediary who takes 20-25% of your compensation.
This site is not a company. This website provides practical information and an overview of how to file a complaint about flight delay either directly to the airline or by using a so-called Claim Agency. This website writes blog posts about the travel industry and provides tips and ideas for you as a travel agent. This site does not intend to make money and therefore has no services nor receives any kind of payment for the content available on this site.
The site is, among other things, established to provide information on how to complain directly to the airline, as there is very little information available on the internet on how to send a complaint directly to the airline, thus retaining all of its compensation.
There will be cases where it may be advantageous to use a Claim Agency (for example, if the airline has rejected one's case), and therefore we also provide an overview of Claim Agencies and compare what payment each Claim Agencies takes for their services. This website only provides information about these Claim Agencies, and if you choose to use a Claim Agency and their services, then this is a service that happens between the consumer and the individual Claim Agency. This website therefore has no responsibility for the service you use with other third parties. Furthermore, all information on this website is for guidance only and we have no responsibility in relation to the information.
This site does not offer to run cases for you, but has merely made information available on how to claim compensation yourself.
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