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Flight delay British Airways
Compensation calculator: Get up to €600

If you have had an unfortunate experience with British Airways where you have either experienced a delayed flight, a flight cancellation or you have not been allowed to board the aircraft. Then you should investigate your situation further, as you may have the chance to receive compensation based on your incident with British Airways.

If you are entitled to compensation due to any of the sitations above, then you may be able to receive compensation of up to €600 per. person based on your delayed or canceled flight.

Read more on this page about your options and use our online calculator which can give you an indication of whether you may be entitled to compensation for your flight with British Airways. By using our calculator, we also guide you to what options you have for having your compensation paid out, as well as how you can get the highest possible share of your compensation paid out.

Compensation for flight delays with British Airways

Delayed flight with British Airways

If you have experienced a flight delay when you have flown with British Airways within the last 3 years, then investigate this flight delay in more detail, as you may be entitled to receive compensation from British Airways.

To be entitled to compensation, the flight with British Airways must have been delayed for more than 3 hours. The crucial thing is the time you arrived at your final destination, compared to the time it was planned that you would arrive. The time of departure is therefore not decisive for your compensation, but may instead have an impact on the service British Airways must provide in the form of payment for food/drink.

If you are entitled to compensation on the basis of your delayed flight, the compensation can be as much as €600 per person that you can receive directly from British Airways.

Other factors such as distance, country of departure, nationality of the airline and reason for the delay also affect whether you are entitled to compensation for your flight delay. Use some time to find out if your situation is within the conditions to be able to receive compensation from British Airways.

Departure and country of arrival

It is very important either which country the plane departs from or which country the plane arrives in. For flights with British Airways, however, all flights generally comply with the rule that the flight must be within the EU, the aircraft must depart from the EU or countries in the EU (the latter as British Airways is a European airline). As all British Airways flights either depart or arrive in a European country, the flights with British Airways are within the conditions of being able to receive compensation.

In rare cases, there may be special flights outside Europe, where these flights will not be subject to the claim for compensation. Also note that some flights may be a codeshare flight, which means that the ticket is sold as a British Airways flight, but the flight is made by another airline (for example American Airlines), in these cases it is the airline itself that operates the flight that you have to investigate the possibilities for compensation.

Nationality of the airline

As British Airways is a British airline, you are covered under the EU legislation in the area of flight delay, because all flights with British Airways are either departing or landing in the EU. This means that you can also receive compensation for flights with British Airways that depart or arrive at one of their destinations in either the North America, Afica, Asia etc.

The reason for the flight delay

It does not matter what the flight delay is due to before you are entitled to receive compensation. British Airways must be able to be held responsible for the delay before they are entitled to give compensation. Examples of situations for which British Airways may be held liable are:

  • Usually most situations where there are technical problems with the aircraft. An example of a technical problem may be the lack of maintenance of the aircraft.
  • Strike where the flight crew goes on strikes without notifying it. An example of such a situation may be a sudden message of restructuring in the company.

If the flight delay is due to abnormal circumstances, British Airways will not be able to be held responsible for the flight delay. Examples of abnormal circumstances are decisions made by air traffic control, political unrest, severe weather conditions and safety risks.


If the above has not had a negative impact on your flight delay situation, there is a good chance that you are entitled to receive compensation for your delayed flight. Now the question is just how much compensation you are entitled to, and precisely that is determined by how long the distance is between the departure airport and the arrival airport.

If there are stopovers on the route, it is the distance from the first departure airport to the final arrival airport. When using our online calculator, you can enter the name of the departure and arrival airport, and you will be informed of the distance between the two airports, and at the same time be informed of the amount to which you are entitled in compensation.

  • €250 - The distance is less than 1,500km.
  • €400 – The distance is between 1,500 - 3,500km.
  • €600 – The distance is over DKK 3,500.

The above compensation applies to each passenger

Canceled flight with British Airways

Should you have flown with British Airways and your flight has been canceled instead? Then you may be entitled to your compensation for this cancellation if British Airways has made the cancellation less than 14 days before your departure. You must have received a personal message about this cancellation, for example by email or SMS, at the same time British Airways has the burden of proving that they have contacted you about this particular cancellation.

How do I get compensation from British Airways?

If you are entitled to compensation from British Airways, you as the customer must contact the airline. You can either contact British Airways yourself or use a Claim Agency, which will run the case for you on your behalf - typically for a percentage of your compensation if the case is won on your behalf (the fee is usually around 25-30%).

Most likely, you should not expect British Airways to contact you to make you aware of your right to compensation. Therefore, take a moment to find out if you are entitled to compensation.

When you use our free online calculator to find out if you are entitled to compensation for your flight delay with British Airways, it will tell you whether you are entitled to compensation or not, while also stating how much you are entitled to. It will also show you what options you have for getting the highest possible compensation paid out.