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Do you want to claim compensation for a canceled or delayed flight you have had with Alitalia? If that is the case, then on this page we give you compensation and contact information for Alitalia. To get in touch with Alitalia you have the opportunity to contact them via their website. In addition, you also have the option to contact Alitalia on phone .

Below you can see how you can get in touch with Alitalia, as well as how you can submit a claim for compensation in case of flight delay. If you use our form (see link below), you will be guided on how you can send your compensation claim directly to the airline. Some airlines require you to use an online form for delayed flights, where other airlines want you to email them. In case you need to send an email directly to the airline, you can use our form as this will give you the message you need to send to the airline.

Contact Alitalia

Below are the options you have to contact Alitalia.

+39 89 20 10


Submit claim for compensation to Alitalia

To submit a claim for compensation to Alitalia, you must fill out a form on: this site

Although an airline always goes to avoid interruptions in their flights, cancellations and delays will almost always be inevitable. If you have been exposed to a delayed or canceled flight with Alitalia, you can use our free form to check if you are entitled to receive compensation from Alitalia, as well as how much compensation you are entitled to.

You can choose to send the complaint directly to Alitalia and retain 100% of the compensation yourself. You also have the option of using a Claim Agency that can help you claim compensation, in which case you will typically retain 70-80% of your compensation yourself.

Note that even though you are entitled compensation due to a flight delay or cancellation, some airlines will do what they can to avoid having to pay compensation to a passenger as this is a very large expense for the airlines. For example, it may be that the airline denies compensation because they believe the delay or cancellation is out of their hands. If you have personally complained about the airline complaint and your claim for compensation has been denied by the airline, then it may be worth trying to use a Claim Agency as they are often experienced in handling these types of complaints and may represent more of the passengers on the same flight.

Rules for compensation for flight delay or canceled flight

If you have been subject to a canceled flight or flight delay, you may be entitled to cash compensation.  On the following page, you can read the flight compensation rules and see if you are eligible for compensation for your flight delay or canceled flights. The amount of your cash compensation will also depend on various factors such as how long a flight has been delayed on arrival  to its destination, as well as the distance between the departure destination and the final destination.


The amount of cash compensation can be as high as € 600, so  there is good reason to investigate your flight delay or flight cancellation. Please note that you are entitled to compensation for up to 3 years after the delay/cancellation took place,  so if you have previously experienced flight delays or cancellations, there is good reason to check if these fall within the conditions so that you can also  claim compensation for past flight delays or cancellations.